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I may also be interested in other things even though they're not listed here...


If you have anything from the UNRELEASED section, and you're looking for something specific yourself, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. However, as a rule, I do not usually say which rare titles I have (certainly not to someone new to me). Preferably I'd like to see a want list (with more than just one title, obviously), and then we'll see if both parties might have something the other wants.


If a trade is not an option, I'll be also willing to offer something else in return, even hard cash. I have no problem keeping these things to myself (both the score itself as well as info). I'm looking for these because I truly want them, to listen to, and nothing more than that !


If you need to send me something, feel free to use my DROPBOX !




An original is preferred, but it's not necessarily a must for the really hard-to-find titles (but they all are really...), unless stated otherwise.


Trond Bjerknæs

Grabben I Graven Bredvid (unknown label) (14 tracks)


Geir Bøhren & Bent Åserud

(MC/cassette) Høyere Enn Himmelen (NRK. - NMI)

Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon (Continental Records CRCD 1002)


Stefan Nilsson

En Sång För Martin (Virgin Records, Sweden)





I'd be fine with lossless files (or CD-R copy) of these... again, unless stated otherwise. Please note that I'm (usually) not really interested in MP3s or any other lossy format of these (...even if the promo is lossy-sourced originally). Also, in most cases, with perhaps a few exceptions, I will not offer any rare (unreleased) title in return for these...


Alexandre Desplat

Zero Dark Thirty (For Your Consideration promo) (23 tracks)


Nick Glennie-Smith

(TV series) The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne 2CDs (Blue Focus Management promo ?)

Showreel II (Kraft Benjamin Engel Management (?) compilation promo)


Rupert Gregson-Williams

Showreel (... ? compilation promo) (2004) (31 tracks)


Ken Harrison

The Best Of... (Soundtrack Music Associates (?) compilation promo) (13 tracks)


Mark Isham

The Miracle (2CDs Walt Disney """promotional""" CD-Rs) (18+15 tracks) 


Gustavo Santaolalla

The Book Of Life (For Your Consideration promo) (60 tracks)


Michael Wandmacher

The Last Exorcism Part II (promo) (40 tracks - 71 min.)


Aaron Zigman

Smart People (Kraft-Engel Management promo) (29 tracks)





I'm not interested in scores ripped from the film, regardless how little sound effects or dialogue there is ! I'd also prefer any unreleased score from a lossless source, although it's not a must.


Klaus Badelt

The Time Machine - film version of the cue "3m13 Good Night" (as well as the "album" version in its original form (not combined with the previous cue)).


Richard Blair-Oliphant

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (Discovery TV series documentary)


Mychael Danna

World Without End


Robert Duncan

Avalon High complete


Ilan Eshkeri

Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story fully complete (aka Colosseum: Rome's Arena of Death) (TV documentary)


Laurent Eyquem

14 - Diaries Of The Great War (aka 14 - Des armes et des mots) (aka 14 Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs) complete

Momentum complete

The Red Tent complete


Nick Glennie-Smith

Attila complete

Fire Down Below

Richelieu's Musketeer (Mousquetaire De Richelieu) (live show)

(TV series) The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne complete (any/all episode score(s))


Harry Gregson-Williams

The Match complete


James Newton Howard

unreleased Suite from Lady In The Water


Steve Jablonsky

Transformers fully complete - at least the film version of the cue when Bumblebee shrinks the cube


Henning Lohner

(with Jessica de Rooij) In the Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale complete


Trevor Morris

Ascension (mini series) - the ending piece from the show


Trevor Rabin

Con Air complete


Barry Taylor

The Marksman

Shadow Man


Ty Unwin

How Earth Made Us (aka How The Earth Changed History) (BBC TV series documentary)

The Incredible Human Journey (BBC TV series documentary)

... but in general, anything from him would be welcome !


Hans Zimmer

Beyond Rangoon complete

King Arthur - any new alternate/unused/demo/theme suite(s) material

The Prince Of Egypt - cue '5m24 Epilogue (film version)' without singing !

(with John Powell) The Road To El Dorado - fully complete




Contact: aliendator at aliendator dot com


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